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Survivors: The Long Road Ch. 4 P.2
“How’d you know?” Miles asked, his mind was spinning with all the different things this meant.
“You’re a very good actor,” Richard said, “but you can’t fool the security cameras.” He lifted the tablet that had been brought in earlier. On the screen was a live feed of the office they were currently sitting in. There were two figures that were clearly human and two that were distinctly not.
Miles lifted his eyes to the corner of the room where he spotted a tiny camera. He snarled. Surveillance was something he should have expected and it was no surprise that an office like this would have a night vision filter. He lowered his gaze to focus on Richard once more. The door opened behind him and he knew by the way Waylon twisted around and said his name in a panicked voice that more soldiers had entered. Miles didn’t stop looking at Richard. “Your property? Since when did Murkoff share?”
“Since it was my department
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Survivors: The Long Road Ch. 4 P.1
Survivors: The Long Road
Chapter 4: The Plan
Miles shut the motel room door behind him gently and tried to act calm in the face of Waylon’s panic. “Now,” he said and sat down on the bed opposite to Waylon, “what did you find?”
“How much do you know?” He asked instead of answering.
“About Murkoff? I know about as much as you, or so I thought.” Miles scooted further up the bed and crossed his legs. “They reopened Mount Massive Asylum for the Criminally Insane under the guise of being a charity hospital, but in reality they were conducting experiments in order to further their work on Project Walrider.” He shrugged. “The rest is just random information on the company itself, I’ve dug through some sales receipts and profit reports, and I’ve also looked into a lot of the patient files and-”
“No not about Murkoff, about whatever the hell you are! How much do you know about Project Walrider? Do you
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Survivors: The Long Road Ch.3 P.2
He turned onto Interstate 70 East instead of West like they originally planned. The pit stop in Denver would cost them nearly a whole day in travel. It would take them about seven hours round trip and they didn’t leave the house until noon. “Ready for some night driving?” Miles asked. “I wasn’t going to push us to that so quickly, but we might need to cover more ground than I anticipated.”
“Sure, whatever you think is best.”
Miles frowned. “You ok?” He asked.
“How can you even ask that?” Waylon was turned away from Miles, his gaze on the pine trees that whipped by. “Of course I’m not ok. I just told my wife and kids goodbye, for what might be last time.” His left hand curled into a fist and gripped his jeans tightly. “When I posted that footage to VIRALeaks I knew that there was a risk, I knew that I could be putting myself and my family in danger. But I didn’t think anything would act
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Survivors: The Long Road Ch.3 P.1
Survivors: The Long Road
Chapter 3: The Start
Waylon and Lisa both heard the front door open. They rushed to the staircase and found Miles stepping inside their home. He gave them a smile and walked towards the kitchen, where he placed a large, flat box on the table. “Where were you?” Lisa asked.
Miles looked up at them and saw the concern on their faces, but he knew it wasn’t concern for his wellbeing, but for that of the general public. They were afraid he hurt someone. He flipped the box open. “Doughnuts?” He asked.
Miles took a sip of the coffee he had in his other hand and said, “I went out to fill the Jeep and get doughnuts. Is that a crime now?”
“N-No, it isn’t,” Waylon said. “But uh, maybe next time you could let one of us know…”
Miles rolled his eyes. “Sure, sure.” He muttered under his breath, “It’s like being a teenager all over again.” He took two
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Go read my story pls by Tien13 Go read my story pls :icontien13:Tien13 1 3
In the Darkness: Smiling, Waiting...
Cold nights breed freezing darkness. It will pick you up and swallow you whole and leave you no chances of escape. In these inky black nights it is best to lock your doors and stay inside. Because you never know what is waiting for you just beyond your eye's sight.
This is a true story.
On some nights you can't shake the feeling of being watched. Like there are a thousand tiny eyes all on you but when you turn to look there's nothing. You can be alone in your apartment, studying for midterms or surrounded by friends at a party. It doesn't matter and it doesn't care. When you feel like you're being watched, you're not paranoid, trust me, there's something there and it's more sinister than you could ever imagine.
It was a day like any other day. I came home from university, it was late, but not obscenely late. We were running a lab in my cell biology course. Nothing special, most students do an SDS-PAGE study at some point. Our class performed ours on ground up pear tissue. The assignmen
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Wings of the Wasteland Ch. 1 P.2
“You look fine honey,” Nora said from the bathroom doorway. Nate had just finished shaving and was applying far too much gel to his hair to get it to lay just perfect. “You clean up nice, you know?”
“Yeah but,” Nate fidgeted in the mirror. He was running a hand over the feathers on this shoulder to and applying oils to the ones on his chest and neck. “This is the first time I’m going to speaking in front of a crowd; I want to look my absolute best.”
“Well, if that’s the case,” Nora said and slid in front of the mirror, she gave her husband a gentle shove. “Go get some pants on and let me have the mirror. I’ll preen your feathers and put your favorite oil on them. But first I have to look decent too.”
Nate laughed and left Nora to her morning routine. He slid some pants on, per his wife’s request and walked into the kitchen where Codsworth greeted him cheerily. “Here is your coffee Sir!
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Wings of the Wasteland Ch. 1 P.1
Wings of the Wasteland
Chapter One: Colors
Massachusetts was beautiful in the fall. The leaves started to change colors in mid-September and by the time October rolled around the hills and countryside were transformed into a blazing sea of oranges and reds. The green grasses and clear blue skies contrasted the trees perfectly; it made a stunning sight to behold. And people flocked to the area every year to witness nature’s beauty.
Nate wasn’t immune to the call of the wild and loved autumn with as much vigor and enthusiasm as the tourists that clogged the roads and skies around the more popular forests. He and Nora took every available chance to be out among the trees in the bright sunlight, provided Shaun didn’t need their attention. Today they flew side by side and enjoyed the crisp air and gently gusting winds. They weren’t alone either; all around them were splashes of colors. Blue wings, brown wings, wings of red and orange that matched the leaves below, th
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Survivors: The Long Road Ch. 2 P.2
Things at the Park residence seemed to have settled down by the time Miles returned. He felt better after another meal and some time alone with R. It was actually weird to not have spoken to the Walrider for a long period of time. Even though it was just for a few hours it still felt off. Miles hadn’t realized how accustomed he’d become to talking with him. “Hey Park,” Miles called when he walked in through the garage door. “Where am I crashing tonight? The couch? My Jeep?” He was cool with either.
A voice called down from upstairs but Miles couldn’t hear what it said. He was halfway up the stairs when Waylon appeared in the hallway. “We have a guestroom, if you would like to sleep there you can.”
“Thanks,” Miles found the room on the first floor; it was right off the living room, near the staircase. He dropped a bag by the bed and tossed his pillow with the others. He flopped down and sighed. “What a day,” h
:icontien13:Tien13 2 2
Survivors: The Long Road Ch. 2 P1
Survivors: The Long Road
Chapter 2: What a Fucking Day
“Then we’ll head west on I-70 for about three hours before catching US 191 where we start to head north. It’ll be another-” The front door flung open and slammed closed interrupting Miles’ conversation with Waylon. Both of the men looked up at the sudden noise.
“A fucking movie!” Miles heard someone say from the front door. “Can you believe this shit? A movie! They can’t get away with this!” The owner of the voice entered the living room. She was a fiery woman, Miles could tell. Her long, dark, curly hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her brown eyes were simply ablaze with anger. “How could anyone who viewed that footage believe this line of bullshit? Do those people have eyes that fucking work? Or functioning brains?”
Waylon rose from the couch and crossed the living room to try to calm her down. “Lisa, sweetheart please watch your language around th
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Survivors: The Long Road Ch.1 P2
Once in the other room Miles selected Julian’s number from his speed dial and waited for the other man to pick up. It didn’t take more than one ring for a very concerned voice to sound in Miles’ ear. “Miles?”  
“The one and only.”
“Oh thank god, you have no idea how worried I-“
“I think I have an idea, don’t you think like eighty texts and fifty-five voice mails are a bit much?”
He heard Julian huff on the other end. “After seeing that footage and knowing that’s where you went, can you blame me?”
“No, not really. I’m honestly surprised you aren’t driving here right now to kick my ass personally.”
“Oh don’t tempt me Upshur, do not tempt me.” Julian sighed and asked, “Are you ok? Are you hurt? Clearly you’re alive, so that’s good. Was that footage I sent you legitimate? Murkoff is already calling it fake, a promotional video but…
:icontien13:Tien13 2 4
Survivors: The Long Road Ch. 1 P1
Survivors: The Long Road
Chapter 1: Better Scrap the First Impressions
-A conference room in Denver, Colorado.
“The assets have made it to the second site,” a man reported to a woman in a business suit. She was standing behind several other people seated at computers.
“The second site? They were supposed to be heading to Zeichner! Is everyone in this company incompetent?”
“Ms. Granat there were problems with their containment and transportation.”
“How hard is it to administer sedatives and get them on a trailer to the nearest jet?”
“Reports say that their uh, bodies were adapting to the sedatives used and overriding them. The truck made it one state over before a potential containment hazard arose. The driver and lead scientist both agreed it would be safer to instead drive to the secondary site and hold them there.”
Helen Granat swore quietly. “Fine, fine, we’ll deal with that later. They’re safely contained
:icontien13:Tien13 2 2
Survivors: The Aftermath at Mount Massive Ch.13P2
Soon R came back and reported to Miles that every aggressive human had been taken care of. Which was both good and terrible news. He hated the thought of being responsible for the deaths of other humans, but his own death count was already uncountable, what’s a few dozen more?
“Host if you would like to continue packing We could handle the Engine and basement computers,” R said as they made their way to the elevator.
“No, I won’t make you go down there alone. It makes you uncomfortable. There’s no reason you should have to be in that type of situation.”
R argued, “Host We do not feel like you We-“
Miles cut him off, “But you do feel. Whether you like it or not, you feel and I won’t let you go alone.”
“Host this is stupid.”
“Maybe,” he shrugged and jumped down the elevator shaft. He never did fix what was blocking the elevator and now just road it up until it got stuck an
:icontien13:Tien13 3 7
Survivors: The Aftermath at Mount Massive Ch.13P1
Survivors: The Aftermath at Mount Massive
Chapter 13: Fuck This Place (Part One)
“Hey David, how are ya’ doing buddy?” The camera shows a makeshift grave at the base of a tree. “I didn’t forget my promise, I’m going to contact your wife and family, I’m going to let them know you didn’t forget them, that you didn’t abandon them. I’m going to tell them you were a good man, a hell of a man, and a friend unlike any other.” There’s a short, choppy laugh. “After all, you have to be something amazing to befriend a monster like me. Listen…David; I almost did something stupid the other day. I almost took a one way trip to join you. R stopped me, twice. I don’t know what I was thinking; honestly I wish you were still here. Maybe you would have knocked some sense into me. I was just…tired I guess. But being tired doesn’t excuse what I tried to do. And maybe I was a little afraid? You were never a
:icontien13:Tien13 1 0
Survivors: The Aftermath at Mount Massive Ch. 12
Survivors: The Aftermath at Mount Massive
Chapter 12: VIRALeaks
He was on his fourth loop around the block when his pants pocket vibrated. Waylon pulled out his cell phone and answered. “Waylon? Oh thank god, where are you?”
A quick glance at a street sign allowed him to reply, “The corner of Harrison Avenue and West Seventeenth Street, heading home, why?”
He could hear Lisa take a few deep breaths on the other line. For once, he wasn’t the worried one. “Sorry, sorry,” she apologized. “I got home with the kids and didn’t see you home, there was no note, and the Jeep was still here. I feared the worst.”
The sigh that escaped his mouth was too quiet for his wife to hear. Waylon regretted sharing what had happened at Mount Massive with Lisa ever since he opened the file. His burdens were now hers and he didn’t like it, not one tiny bit. “I should have left a message, or texted you,” Waylon said. “I was jus
:icontien13:Tien13 2 2
Mature content
Survivors: The Aftermath at Mount Massive Ch. 11 :icontien13:Tien13 5 13
I should probably update this about gallery thing.

Hello. This is where I post my writing, and sometimes other stuff. It's mostly fanfiction, my current long running project is called Survivors, and it's an action story about a reporter, a bio weapon parasite, and a software engineer who travel across the country to bring a corrupt multi billion dollar company to justice.

I used to write a lot of Homestuck fanfiction. That can still be found in my gallery, I wrote JohnKat mostly.


GHOULS by Pirate-Cashoo GHOULS :iconpirate-cashoo:Pirate-Cashoo 542 53 Walrider by NanFe Walrider :iconnanfe:NanFe 918 16 Afternoon Nap by ErstwhileSky Afternoon Nap :iconerstwhilesky:ErstwhileSky 18 5 Nick Valentine by inSOLense Nick Valentine :iconinsolense:inSOLense 797 22 Disbelief by YAMsgarden Disbelief :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 7,829 297 No Title1 by Renegad3Spectre No Title1 :iconrenegad3spectre:Renegad3Spectre 29 6 Nick Valentine by SineAlas Nick Valentine :iconsinealas:SineAlas 977 71 Temmie plush - GIVEAWAY by Fafatacle Temmie plush - GIVEAWAY :iconfafatacle:Fafatacle 2,172 631 Karkat by DelcattyDraws Karkat :icondelcattydraws:DelcattyDraws 3 0 Dream Bubble by BlackMidnightKat Dream Bubble :iconblackmidnightkat:BlackMidnightKat 5 11 Johnkat Drawing by Starr1996 Johnkat Drawing :iconstarr1996:Starr1996 10 2 [homestuck] dont be an hero by kappakeki [homestuck] dont be an hero :iconkappakeki:kappakeki 182 24 Coast Side Breeze by BlackMidnightKat Coast Side Breeze :iconblackmidnightkat:BlackMidnightKat 5 4 Even Grumpy Trolls Need Snuggles by BlackMidnightKat Even Grumpy Trolls Need Snuggles :iconblackmidnightkat:BlackMidnightKat 8 6 Alarm Clock uh-oh. by BlackMidnightKat Alarm Clock uh-oh. :iconblackmidnightkat:BlackMidnightKat 5 10 Escaflowne: The Wings by saniika Escaflowne: The Wings :iconsaniika:saniika 226 38
Check out these awesome people!
Recently I've been getting some super amazing fanart! And I fave it all! Give these people some love!


Update Journal.

Do I have any active watchers at this point? It says I have 1687, but lets be real, if I went through those I bet over half of them are dead accounts by now, or deactivated.
I was gifted a brief subscription by a watcher and with it I ran a poll for what Homestuck AU I should finish. Of course Still the Same took top spot, as I figured it would, and second place was Wings of a Worthless God, if I remember correctly.
So here's the deal.
I promise, right here and now, to finish Still the Same and Wings of a Worthless God. It might take a year, but I'll do it. Consider all the other AU's on official hiatus or abandoned. The only one that might still see an update would be The Language of Karkat.

Now, there's a reason for this, and it's not that I just don't love Homestuck anymore. I still love that comic with my heart and soul. But after spending two years writing the Aftermath at Mount Massive, and a few Fallout 4 fics and other Outlast fanfiction, I've discovered that I enjoy writing about adult characters far more than children/teen ones. As a twenty-four year old, writing about thirteen or sixteen year olds just makes me uncomfortable. And I know professional authors write stories about children and teens and young adults all the time. I know, but for me personally, writing about more adult characters just feels right. And I'm going to write what feels right.

I used to say that I would finish every single AU that I started. No exceptions. But the problem was that four or five years ago I started so many long form AU's, one after the other, and I just can't keep pace anymore. Still the Same, Wings of a Worthless God, Worth the Kill?, Repairing the Damage, Through Time, Saviors of a Waring World, there were just so many. And nearly all of them were planned out to be at least a hundred pages each. Still the Same ended at 196 pages so far, and The Aftermath at Mount Massive came in at 260 exactly. As it stands, with school, work, life, and writing my own original content for publication I just can't devote the time to finish up these long AU's. I can't spend hours, weeks, and months writing these old Homestuck fics I started all those years ago. Especially when I can tell over half my audience is gone. It doesn't make sense for me to be pouring my time and effort into stories that won't pay out. So I have to go back on my word and finally list them as abandoned. Maybe someday I'll find a sudden spark of inspiration, cut most of the content and finish up some of them. But honestly, I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Here's my official ok to un-watch me if you're looking for more Homestuck work. There probably won't be much. Maybe Hiveswap will change that, but I highly doubt it. I will NOT be deleting anything from my DA. Don't worry. Everything will stay exactly where it is. I'm not the type of person who does gallery purges when I switch fandoms or abandon work. It will all still be there.

So what is next?
Well, I will be starting work on "The Long Road" which will start posting here and on my AO3. Those original novels will be worked on at the same time. Between those projects I will try to sprinkle in the updates for Still the Same and Wings of a Worthless God. I will not be posting any of my original content this time around. MAYBE a teaser of a chapter or something. But that's about it. I also will be working on and posting several Fallout 4 fanfics, however, I probably won't be posting them here to my DA, but rather to AO3, where I feel they will get more attention and love.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who read my work and continues to read my work. When I started doing Homestuck fanfiction your praise and comments inspired me to keep going. I met some fantastic friends and gained some valuable practice by writing all of those stories. I will never regret spending all the time I did writing those worlds and developing characters. It was very fun and rewarding and I owe it all to my readers. When you read a fanfic, I encourage you to comment on it. Even if you didn't fall in love with it. There are many authors, both young and old, that cherish comments. Leaving a comment lets them know that you appreciated the time and effort they put into the story you read. You might just be the one who motivates an author to keep going or to improve their writing. You might be the one who inspires them to try to take their writing to the next level, or learn a new way of writing. Please, comment. It meant and means the world to me, and I cannot thank anyone who left one on any of my works enough. Thank you. Your comments were the lifeblood that pulsed through the veins of my universe. (did you catch that sweet "troll this worthless human reference?) ha, there I go ruining a perfectly good closing.

Here's some places you can find me when I'm not answering comments here on DA.
My Tumblr:
My AO3:

I have a twitter and Youtube but I'm gonna be real, I don't use them at the moment, if I ever start I'll drop those links too.
My AO3 will have all of my projects uploaded to it, including my Outlast, Fallout 4, and Homestuck works. I'll cross post a lot of stuff to DA still, but AO3 will have everything new. My tumblr is a personal one, but I cosplay and sometimes blog about the conventions I'm at and what not.

See ya' around,
  • Listening to: Fallout Boy
  • Reading: Some horror novel probably, maybe sci fi.
  • Watching: Honestly, Game Grumps
  • Playing: Fallout 4, Bloodborne, Overwatch, Outlast
  • Eating: Flamin' Hot Cheetos
  • Drinking: Pink Lemonaid hell yeah



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United States
Hello, the name is Cal, or Tye if you want something closer to my online usernames.

I'm a writer here on DeviantArt. I'm most known for Homestuck fanfiction, especially JohnKat. I have a real problem with writing long AU's. Currently I write for Homestuck, Outlast, WtNV, and my original works. Anyways, I don't mind talking to people as my askbox on tumblr and my notes on DA are always open. As well as my skype (karkatfuckingvantas) and my pesterchum (foreverUnmotivated)




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heeheelala Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i remembered reading some of your homestuck fics back in like 2013/14 and i went looking for you????? hello!!
Tien13 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017
Yes, I wrote Homestuck fics from 2011 till around 2014. I jumped fandoms writing wise, but all of my old work is still viewable in my gallery!
heeheelala Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yayaya (,,,; i remember
aw man its good to see youre still active
Tien13 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017
I am, though I don't do much Homestuck writing anymore.
Maybe when the game comes out I'll be more active again. Though I'm not really betting on it.
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TatianaDragonWhisper Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I just got thrown into the Homestuck fandom not even a year ago.. and I have to say I am very grateful that I stumbled across your page! 
Tien13 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016
Oh man.
I've been a Homestuck since 2011 so there's a lot of stuff I've written.
Honestly I've taken a break for the past two years, only updating once or twice, but as soon as the comic starts up again I'm sure I'll be more motivated to pump out fanfiction.
TatianaDragonWhisper Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I caught up with it.. I lost so much sleep to catch up just so I can experience the agony that is.. the pause. hnbgsrdavtganyzhgterfvs
But.. I love your writing. It makes me feel.. and that is hard to do. 
I'm currently re-reading Homestuck to find all the smaller details. <3
My boyfr- ..matesprit actually introduced me to it.. had to try twice but.. well.. I'm complete Homestuck trash right now. -laughs nervously- 
Tien13 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2016
Back when I caught up Homestuck was still in act four, haha.
I was able to read it all in a few sittings, granted those sittings were hours and hours long. Every time I try to do a re-read I get to the same point in act three and something in my life comes up, then I gotta start all over haha.
Someday, someday I will do a complete re-read.
In early 2011 a friend of mine spotted some early Homestuck cosplayers, a Casey actually, and was interested in knowing where they came from, so they started reading Homestuck and told me to do the same. I opened the first page and fell in love almost instantly haha.
Oh gosh thanks for the compliment. I try to write things that are emotional without being too over the top. I think I failed at that during the start, but as I've developed a style I think I got better.
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JackalWraith Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016
Rather a Q and A thing, maybe consider writer talk.  Discuss with other writers the way they get into a flow of style, how they character - toss ideas back and forth like a collaboration.  This is just an idea, getting feedback from other people through Q and A is a good method.
Tien13 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016
That would be interesting.
Right now, the actual amount of other writers I know, doing fanwork or original, is really low.
But if people were into that, I could try to get a few people together and do like, a round-table discussion type thing? And then maybe transcribe all of it and post?
Though I'm sure there's plenty of "actual authors" that already have podcasts and stuff like this available. I know I've listened to a few.
I'm just trying to think of ideas to interact with my readers more, because interaction when you're a writer is very, very small.
And I have had people come to me and ask for advice, so I figured maybe there's more out there who want some simple tips.
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