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July 4, 2012
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"Karkat I seriously can't believe you burned yourself on a sparkler."

"Hey fuck you those things are deadly." The troll grumbled as you ran cold water over his finger. "I swear it was your goddamn stupid fire making tool."

"You mean the lighter? Yeah those are vicious. Watch it, it'll go for your hair next." You giggled and were rewarded with a shove. "Hey, want to go outside again? We still have more fireworks to see."

"Yeah, I'm fine," he put his finger in his mouth and followed you outside.

Today wasn't the fourth of July, it wasn't even the same day you first arrived on this new planet nor was it new years. But you were celebrating anyways. There was a local festival in town and everyone thought it would be fun to party. The house you shared with Karkat was the perfect place for a gathering. It was easily the biggest and had the best view.

"Is Karkat alright?" Rose asked as you returned to your front yard.

"Yeah he'll live, it's not life threatening," you laugh and look around your yard. There were tables set up and food everywhere. Jade was running around with her new dog, a sparkler in each hand. Dave was holding Terezi back from licking the fountains of sparks. While Jake and Dirk were shooting roman candles at each other.

"Everyone's having a good time," Karkat remarked.

"Yeah I'm glad." You reached for a sparkler for yourself and lit it. Karkat's eyes contracted and he watched the small glittering lights erupt from the stick. It was always fun watching fireworks with Karkat, his eyes were so expressive. The golden orbs would shift and look everywhere. You could see yourself in the reflection. "You're gorgeous in this light."

"Oh my god John, seriously? This soon?" He snorted and lit his own sparkler, successfully avoiding burning his finger that time. "You could at least wait until your friends are gone before attempting romantics."

You giggled and pulled him close, "Shut up Karkat, I'm just complementing you."

"I know nookwhiff," he kissed your forehead. "Thank you." His eyes looked out across the ocean and watched the multicolored fireworks burst in the air. "Remember last New Years?"

Laughing you hugged him. "Yeah I do. I'm in no hurry to repeat that."

Karkat rested his head on your shoulder, "That was pretty fucking terrifying; I think I prefer fireworks from far away."

"Me too," you paused and added with a smile, "though it was pretty exciting." Karkat chuckled and lit another sparkler. "Back on Earth, there was a holiday for the day our country became a country. It was called the Forth of July." A smile spread across your face as memories flooded in. "Dad and I used to watch the big fireworks display every year. It was also so cool. Then we'd go home and our neighborhood would throw a huge party. We would grill and set off tiny fireworks. It was amazing."

"We never had that on Alternia, but I bet it was fun." Karkat watched the bursts of color streak across the sky. "On this planet, we can have celebrations whenever we want. It's so peaceful, I like it."

A new voice appeared from behind you and Karkat, "On my Earth, we didn't have anything like this." Dirk stood with Jake at his side. "It's much more perfect in person than online."

"I never got the joy of seeing fireworks either buddy, only in movies. This is fantastic!"

A smile was already plastered to your face but you swore it got bigger. "I'm glad you two are having fun. It's really great to experience something like this with friends. It's even better to know that this celebration isn't because we won a war, something that isn't the result of lives lost."

Karkat added in softly, "We have a day for that," his gaze looked lost but you knew he was seeing things from a long time ago, "Our day for remembering the colonization of this planet is not a cause for celebration, but rather mourning."

"We all lost friends," Dirk replied calmly, "and you're right, I'm glad we're not celebrating that day, that day is for remembering."

"But tonight isn't, tonight is a night to relax." You pulled Karkat up and walked to the edge of your yard. Letting your legs hang over the edge you watched the waves crash against the cliff and the light from the fireworks dance across it. "I'm glad you made it."

"Yeah, it would be a fucking downer if I died." He kissed you again, "Trust me John; I know I'm the luckiest damn troll here." Jade's dog could be heard barking behind you. "I'm glad all these idiots are with us."

You shared one last kiss during the finale. Eventually the party wound down and everyone left. It was only you and Karkat left. As you walked back to the house you spotted one unlit sparkling cannon. "Hey Karkat, hold up." He waited as you set the tiny fuse on fire. After waiting small sparks began to erupt forth.

They started out blue with dashes of purple and red then green started to filter in. There was a pause before a rainbow of sparks and glitter spewed forth. You could pick out greens and purples, then a dull brown and vibrant yellow; finally the blue resurfaced and seemed to dance with a grey that bled into a fiery crimson.

"It's beautiful," Karkat murmured.

"Yeah," you tugged on his sleeve, "Come on, lets go inside. Need me to kiss your burn better?"

Karkat shoved him gently and pulled him closer. "I think my burn is fine," so instead you kissed his lips and shut the door tight.
Here's a short Forth of July-ish fic.

The main reason I wrote this was because I actually burnt my thumb today with a lighter while starting a sparkler. I'm a huge dumbass. hahahaha.

Anyways, enjoy this small Johnkat fic!

PS: I referenced a few things, can you spot them?
PSS: It was a little longer than 20 minutes sorry about that.
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Its a top ship now to me because of them c: Can't wait to see more of Still the Same, Worth the Kill?, etc.
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Still the Same will be updated soonish, and Worth the Kill? in about a month or so.
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I love most of my old one shots, they are filled with moments of too cute.
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I am debating on making some one-shots...I need to learn how to draw Karkat (my fav troll), Dave (my fav human), Gamzee, Sollux, John, Dirk, Kankri, and Mituna...I tried drawing chibi first, but it failed epically!
Tien13 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
I can't draw well, so I feel your pain.
I'm sure with practice you'll get the hang of it!
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I can draw somewhat, like, if you seem my page, you'll see I drew one thing, and I've drawn Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instrument series, but I just need to put it up, it's just when I try to draw Gamzee's hair, I fail! Crying Mako Komari Kamikita (Crying) [V5] Cry run happy cry XD 1 
Tien13 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
You can only get better with practice!
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